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Throwing your own Techno Party
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Throwing your own Techno Party

Are you sick of searching endlessly for a local rave or techno party? Annoyed with the countless weekends spent desiring more?


Well, ladies and gentleman, it’s time to take our entertainment back into our own hands: it’s time to throw the party of all parties. Here we discuss all of the things you need to know in order to create a night you and your friends won’t soon forget. While planning a party can require a lot of work, the countless smiles of a party well done will outweigh all of it.


The Logistics

What a lot of people don’t think about when planning a party is the legality of it all. After you have found a warehouse, or any type of venue, it’s important to contact your local government. Here you can find out just exactly what permits you will need to put on a high-octane party. More than likely you will need a noise permit, as well as possibly a music permit and a lawful assembly permit. All of this will depend on where you live, so be sure to get this sorted out early- the last thing you want is a visit from the local police telling you it’s time to go home. Below we have a video to assist you with finding the perfect venue for your party.


Booking the Entertainment

So you’ve picked out your venue, met with the authorities, and planned your night, what do you do now? Well here comes the fun part, it’s time to find your party band! Whether you are looking for a full band, or simply a DJ, it’s important to start this process with ample time. Often great performers will be booked months in advance, so reaching out early will be your best bet. Be sure to discuss with potential performers your exact plan, there’s nothing worse than a band playing music that doesn’t fit the tastes of your guests.


Getting the word out

As anyone will tell you, it doesn’t matter how great your music or venue is if nobody bothers to show up. Perhaps the easiest, and most effective, way to reach a vast audience is through digital platforms. Promoting your event on such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be a great way of attracting a diverse group of guests. Other ways of reaching out include; contacting radio stations, ticket giveaways, email blasts, as well as posters around your local area. Just a little bit of extra effort in terms of finding guests can be the difference between the party of the year and another boring weekend.


Final things to remember

Now all of the preparation is done, you’re ready for the big day. Before you get lost in the sound of the music, there are a couple of last minute things to remember.

  1. Be sure to enlist a security service, keeping your guests safe should be of the utmost importance.
  2. If alcohol is served, under no conditions serve to minors- obvious enough.
  3. Keep your permits on you, just in case of an appearance by the authorities.
  4. Serve food and water, dancing and potentially drinking can be a recipe for dehydration. Providing food and water will keep your guests on their feet.
  5. Have fun! Hey, it’s not everyday you’re throwing a huge party, take in the sights and the sounds and enjoy this special night you have planned.